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Slide out shelf, slide out pantry, pull out shelf, pull out basket,

Kitchen Upgrades Made Easy

Home improvements don't need to be a hassle.

We make the process of upgrading your home an exciting and enjoyable experience!

You can drastically improve your storage and ease of access by adding pull outs to any kitchen cabinet!

We offer a variety of sizes and styles to fit any need you may have.

Kitchen pull outs

Unlock your cabinet's storage potential!

Create more usable space, always have access to hard to reach items.

From cookie sheet holders, trashcan sliders, double drawer, or triple drawer units, we have many options available to maximize your cabinets storage ability.

Add value to your home by updating any kitchen cabinet with pull out shelves!

Pantry pull outs

Save space and stay organized with your new custom pull out. All of our drawers are handcrafted from 9 ply Baltic birch. Drawers and shelves come with a very durable UV clear finish. We only use heavy-duty full extension guides and there is no extra charge, we want to bring value and quality to your home.

Bathroom pull outs

Not just for the kitchen!

Add storage and usability to all you bathroom cabinet's with pull outs shelves & drawers.

Slide out shelf, slide out pantry, pull out shelf, pull out basket,

Add convenience to your life!

Slide out shelving is the #1 way to upgrade your kitchen and expand your storage and organization

We build the units and ship them right to your door, fully assembled, ready to install! Upgrading your kitchen has never been so easy!

If you spend any time in the kitchen, these are a must! 

Never get on your hand and knees again! 

Gain 50% more storage by adding a double drawer set to your cabinet!

Slide out shelf, slide out pantry, pull out shelf, pull out basket,

Our Story

Located in Conroe, TX

Hello, we are Interior Cabinet Solutions (ICS). We offer affordable kitchen upgrades such as, door and drawer replacement. And slide out shelving!

With over 40 years in the construction trade, owner and operator Scott Oliver has done it all. From brand new construction, custom homes and commercial buildings, to home remodels and custom cabinetry.

Through the years he has refined his business into kitchen remodels, custom cabinetry, and slide out shelving. Our goal is to provide a more affordable and simpler options to customers to update/upgrade their home, without getting into a full remodel.

When you choose ICS, your choosing workers who care for and will respect your home.
Your going to get workers who show up on time and don't waist yours.
Your helping a family business survive!

We're confident your going to be happy with our professionalism and attention to detail, we look forward to serving you! 

Get in contact with us today!

Give us a call and learn how we can help you upgrade your home!