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Customer Reviews

John from NC

"These draws are wonderful. Strong and attractive and very simple to put in. I bought two of them, one with three draws that I put cans in on their sides so they are easy to see." VERIFIED BUYER

Gina from Myrtle Beach, SC

"Absolutely love these. Very well made n have a great finish. Great way to organize and eliminate a lot of bending down."


Michelle from New Orleans, LA

"Love these so much that I got 3 of them!! Worth the money for sure."


Made-to-Fit Slide Out Shelves & Drawers for Cabinets

Why choose ICS

Slide out shelving is the #1 way to upgrade your kitchen and expand your storage and organization.

What makes our product different: When it comes to the double and triple units, our slide-out shelving unit will include all drawers, preassembled to a framework. This framework will retrofit into any existing cabinet.

We build the drawers and made-to-fit slide out shelves for existing cabinets and ship them right to your door, fully assembled, ready to install! Upgrading your kitchen and adding pull out storage space has never been so easy!

Simply slide the whole unit into your cabinet, fasten down to the bottom of the cabinet with 4 screws and that’s it!

Slide out shelf, slide out pantry, pull out shelf, pull out basket,
Slide out shelf, slide out pantry, pull out shelf, pull out basket,

Double Drawer Units

Unlock your cabinet's storage potential!

Create more usable space, always have access to hard to reach items.

This double drawer unit will provide 50% more storage.


Triple Drawer Units

Remove the frustration of unloading everything in your cabinet for the pan at the bottom.

No more stacking items inside each other.

MAXIMIZE your cabinet's storage capacity with a triple pull out unit.

Quality manufacturing

All of our pull out drawers for cabinets are dovetailed and handcrafted from 9 ply Baltic birch.

Drawers and shelves come with a very durable UV clear finish. We only use heavy-duty full extension guides.

We manufacture everything we sell at our shop in Conroe, TX.

Pantry pull outs

Pantry units are made completely custom to fit whatever situation you may have.

We offer a wide variety of options when it comes to pantries.

All pantries units are made with adjustable legs, allowing you to place the drawers at any height.

Baskets, drawers, and shelves are all available to mix and match in your new custom pantry. Email us today to get your order started!

Bathroom pull outs

Not just for the kitchen!

Add storage and usability to all your bathroom cabinets with pull out shelves & drawers.

Our Story

Located in Conroe, TX

Hello, we are Interior Cabinet Solutions (ICS). We offer affordable kitchen upgrades, such as drawer replacement and slide out shelving!

We have over 40 years in the construction trade, from brand new construction, custom home building and commercial building, to home remodels and custom cabinetry.

Through the years we have refined our business into kitchen remodels, custom cabinetry, slide out shelving and sliding drawers for cabinets.

Our goal is to provide more affordable and simpler options to customers to update/upgrade their home, without getting into a full remodel.

Slide out shelving is the #1 way to upgrade your cabinets, and our unique designs makes ordering and installing easier than you can imagine!

No contractors, no strange workers in your house, no hassle, and no wasted time!

Slide your way to convenience with interior cabinet solutions!

We're confident you're going to be happy with our professionalism and attention to detail. We look forward to serving you!

Get in contact with us today!

Give us a call and learn how we can help you upgrade your home!