Custom Pantry Slide-Out Shelves & Drawers

Your pantry is a crucial part of your kitchen, often cluttered with cans, boxes, and containers. Custom pantry pull-out shelves from Interior Cabinet Solutions can transform this clutter into a neatly organized space, no matter the size. Our innovative solutions ensure that your kitchen essentials are always within reach and perfectly organized.

Pantry units differ from our standard pull-outs primarily due to the height of the cabinet, with pantry units designed for cabinets 30" or taller. These units can include as many pull-outs as desired, provided the cabinet height allows. Contact us today for a quote or more information about creating your custom pantry slide-out shelves.

Our Pantry Offerings

Interior Cabinet Solutions provides a wide range of custom pantry pull-out drawers. Our pantry pull-outs are fully customizable to fit any situation you may have. We offer a variety of options, including adjustable legs for placing drawers at any height. We also offer a selection of baskets, drawers, and shelves that can be mixed and matched to create your perfect pantry.

Our solutions are designed to enhance your kitchen's functionality, whether you need slide-out drawers for your pantry to store small items or large pull-out shelves for bulkier items. 

Our offerings include:

  • Adjustable Shelves: Tailored to accommodate various items, making storage flexible and efficient.
  • Soft-Close Drawers: Provide a smooth and silent closing experience, enhancing the quality and longevity of your shelves.
  • Robust Construction: Ensures durability and longevity, offering a reliable solution for your pantry storage needs.


Why Choose Interior Cabinet Solutions

Interior Cabinet Solutions offers the ultimate upgrade for your kitchen with our top-tier slide-out shelving, designed to expand your storage and improve organization effortlessly. What sets our products apart is our innovative design. The framework removes the need to mount the drawer guides individually to your cabinet's sides, making installation much easier. 

Our double and triple units come with all drawers pre-assembled into a robust framework that retrofits into any existing cabinet. Simply slide the entire unit into your cabinet and secure it with just four screws. Unlike our double and triple units, our pantry units require some assembly. The process is straightforward and can be completed in approximately 20 minutes. Rest assured, all drawers and shelves are fully constructed with hardware pre-installed – it's the framework that mounts into the cabinet which requires minor assembly.

With Interior Cabinet Solutions, enhancing your kitchen's functionality and aesthetics has never been simpler or more efficient. Choose us for reliable, high-quality pantry pull-out storage solutions that transform your kitchen with minimal effort. 

For us to price out a pantry unit for you, please provide us the following information. 

We will reach out to you within 24 hours to provide you a quote for your custom pantry pull-out drawers!

1-Width of cabinet between the hinges

2-Width of cabinet opening without hinges

3-Internal depth of cabinet of cabinet

4-Opening height of cabinet

5-Number of pull outs for this space




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